Asana Dharana Pranayama


Una practica de Ashtanga Yoga para todos los niveles con variaciones y sorpresas. Utilizamos Asanas y Vinyasas de la primera y la segunda serie como apoyo para desarrollar otras combinaciones, complementando la practica con una sesion de Pranayama y Dharana (Concentracion). 



Harmony of the mind

Sukshma Dharana Sadhana

 By maintaing the discipline of concentrated attention towards oneself, after a while the effort is naturally released and the attention becomes effortless; we can refer to this as a meditative state. Is when we can say that our practice becomes a moving meditation, the scientists call it “flow”. By entering the flow of practice, one can have glimpses within oneself the holy Union of body, mind and spirit. It is a first step towards the deepest practice of Yoga - Raja Yoga.




¡No te despistes!

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